Why We Love Nature School

His escapades continue and he'll be 8 this year - I've had to grow two extra arms and eyes in the back of my head to keep him safe. He loves two things - being outside and food so it'll come as no surprise that he LOVES his time at Nature School. 

Seb and Xav have been attending Into Nature School during the school holidays - they come home filthy, tired + they just love it. They play in the forest, swim in the creek, build things, find things, climb things, cook food on the fire and much, much more. Let me tell you a little more about it...

"To raise a nature-bonded child is to raise a rebel, a dreamer, an innovator...someone who will walk their own verdant, winding path" - Nicolette Sowder

Into Nature School offers a perfectly balanced sensory experience. It inspires the mind, and it is the ideal setting for evaluating risks and accepting challenges. Playing in nature contributes to healthy children and healthy minds and the aim of Into Nature School is to address the many sensory issues seen in primary and intermediate aged children. Their activities and tasks are designed to inspire children to explore, discover and play in new and creative ways.

  • Physical and Mental Health Benefits

Playing and learning outdoors [all day, in all types of weather] will impact positively on your child's confidence to take managed risks, giving them a heightened level of self belief, a positive attitude, and greater independence with increased initiative taking.  Playing and learning in the outdoors will also positively impact physical and mental health and improves social and cognitive competence.

  • Free Movement

Time in the forest provides children with adequate space for moving around freely.  Free movement in children is the most natural and crucial method used by children to learn. Free movement also contributes positively to the development of critical physical attributes such as stamina, agility, coordination and muscle strength.  Free movement in children enables them to develop better control of their bodies, especially in relation to the development of more refined motor control. This skill is required to handle delicate movements such as manipulating a pencil while writing, staying calm and being attentive for longer periods.

  • Problem Solvers & Risk Takers

Through play and self directed learning in nature, children will become more knowledgeable about the natural environment, learn team building skills, will co-operate with the other students, and they will also become more empowered to use their own initiative to solve individual challenges.

  • Authentic Learning Through Play

Into Nature School focuses on the key competencies from the New Zealand curriculum, with a little twist to make them meaningful to their unique environment. We strive to encompass all curriculum areas, as any given session, activity or experience will involve science, maths, physical education, oral language, reading, and art.  All learning is deep and engaging, and most importantly meaningful - authentic.

With two sites Roto-o-Rangi, Cambridge and Karamu, Te Pahu as well as the option of a One Day a Week Programme or a School Holiday Programme there's an option for everyone. Nothing has ever worn Sebby out but his first time he was booked for 4 days in a row but refused to get out of bed on the the 4th day - Nature School had worn him out and I was in shock. Now, they both go during the school holidays and I won't quit until they do - maybe we'll see you there?


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