50 Mama + Me Date Ideas

The word ‘date’ is typically associated with romance (or anxiety haha), but have you ever thought to date your kids?

Take a moment to think about what happens during a date - you chat! You talk about goals, shared interests and exchange thoughts and ideas. You learn about the inner workings of that person through open conversation. Would it make sense then, that if you need to learn these things to gauge a potential relationship, you’d want to learn all those things about your kids too?

One-on-one dates with your child gives you the ability to:

  • Bond
  • Connect
  • Increase trust
  • Have an open conversation
  • Ask questions
  • Listen
  • Make everlasting memories

By scheduling regular and consistent one-on-one time with our children we are providing the opportunity for those conversations to happen. By taking your child on a date, you give them the space and privacy they may need (especially as they get older) to really open up and tell you things. This is particularly true when you have more than one child.

Of course not all dates will result in a deep and meaningful conversation, the point here is to remind them that you are and will be available to them if and when they need you throughout their lives - and that you SEE them. As the unique and amazing individual they are.


  1. Make a Mummy & Me photo album together - this is my daughter Marleys favourite activity, she just loves looking at photos of herself and hearing stories from when she was a baby. What I like about this idea is that it isn't a one off thing, the album will continue to grow and can be revisited time and time again. I always get a little teary when we work on our album too.
  2. Choose outfits - another popular date at my house. We head to the shops (with a budget) and choose an outfit for each other then wear it around town. Often times I end up in something sequinned and atrocious but it's all part of the fun!
  3. Late night dance party with glow sticks - I have a strict bedtime at my house and so surprising Marley by letting her stay up late is the "coolest thing ever" apparently. Turn off the lights and party! This can seriously last an hour and my little girl will head to bed happy and gripping her glow sticks with memories of a fun time with Mum.
  4. Tea Party - I think Marleys love language is tea parties, they always go down a treat and provide the perfect opportunity to chat and catch up. We've recently taken this a step further and will go out for high-teas around the country and pretend we are food critics.
  5. Go out for ice cream - ice cream, need I say more? Super easy and casual, great for when you want to connect but may be a little short on time.

  1. Exercise together
  2. Have a one-on-one dinner at the dining table
  3. Catch a show
  4. Organise a staycation and spend the night in a hotel - order room service of course!
  5. Buy a secret gift for someone
  6. Visit your first home or old high school and share childhood stories
  7. Design a fresh flower bouquet together at a local florist
  8. Visit a library and read books together
  9. Stargaze
  10. Make jewellery
  11. Give each other make overs
  12. Have a pamper night
  13. Fly a kite
  14. Run in a race together
  15. Ride scooters and bikes at the skate park
  16. Sneak out before everyone is awake for a hot chocolate and breakfast
  17. Dress up and go out for a fancy meal and practice manners
  18. Go on a hike
  19. Visit the arcade and stop by the photo booth to commemorate your outing
  20. Feed the ducks
  21. Paint/draw each others portraits
  22. Have a picnic which they help to prepare and pack
  23. Go rock climbing
  24. Do a random act of kindness
  25. Take a dance class together
  26. Tie dye shirts
  27. Play boardgames
  28. Plant or work in the garden
  29. Write a story together
  30. Do a puzzle
  31. Pretend you are on YouTube and film a Q&A video
  32. Take a walk at a new park
  33. Bake a dessert together to share with the family
  34. Visit the $2 shop and buy something silly
  35. Head to a movie
  36. Buy a craft kit or Lego set and work together on it
  37. Browse a pet store
  38. Surprise your child by picking them up early from school
  39. Go to a sporting event
  40. Fill a time capsule
  41. Play one-on-one sports
  42. Teach playground games you played as a kid - hopscotch, skipping ropes etc.
  43. PLAY at the playground
  44. Plan a skit and perform it together for the family
  45. Do a beach or park clean up

Tania of LMB. x

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