Why you should use a Woolbabe

Woolbabe Merino Sleeping Bag available at Little Mash Boutique

When Sebastian was 8 months old I discovered I was pregnant with Xavier, I thought I had food poisoning! The irony of having children 17 months apart after spending thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant - getting pregnant without trying to get pregnant.

I found mothering Sebastian particularly testing. He didn't sleep. He fed all day and all night. He spoke gibberish which I eventually learned to interpret. And he spent his first 3, maybe 4 years running away from me and away from home [literally, I'm not kidding - I'll tell you the stories someday].

I was desperate for sleep and tried all the things, some of those things was a new bedtime routine and moving to a Woolbabe sleeping bag. The first Woolbabe I bought was one with a side zip but I quickly switched to a front zip after Sebby learned that if he stood up the shoulder buttons would pop undone, he could wriggle himself out of the sleeping bag and climb out of his cot - it's for this very reason that I only carry the front zip Woolbabe here at Little Mash Boutique. I believe the Woolbabe sleeping bag transformed his sleep - perhaps a cumulative effect with our other efforts but he was warm, secure and began to sleep longer.

If my personal experience isn't enough to persuade you in this hero product let me share 5 more reasons why you should own a Woolbabe;

  1. They're safer alternative to traditional bedding and blankets - babies are wriggly and can get tangled in bedding and wriggle down under any bedding. A sleeping bag is like a wearable blanket and removes the need for bedding, making a safer sleep environment for baby.
  2. They prevent little ones waking from the cold - blankets get kicked off during the night, meaning your baby will wake up cold. A Woolbabe eliminates this and an added bonus is that being merino it can also help regulate their temperature meaning they're not too hot or too cold.
  3. They create a strong sleep association - I believe this to my core! Using a sleeping bag creates a strong sleep association. As soon as baby goes into the bag, they know it’s time for sleep. This is great for when you’re out and about or travelling as baby is reminded it’s sleep time no matter what her surroundings.
  4. It becomes a comforter - by creating a sleep association with the Woolbabe you can comfort your baby and keep them warm when away from home. A sleeping bag is easy to transport and has the familiar smell of home, a positive, comforting association for baby’s sleep in an otherwise unfamiliar environment.
  5. They're cost effective - sure, this is may seem expensive, however it replaces the need for many sets of sheets and blankets. Woolbabe sleeping bags are generous in length and will be used for multiple sleeps per day for about 2 years.

Xavier must be about 6 months old in this photo, wearing the Woolbabe we'd originally purchased for Sebastian. See his little fists? A telltale tired sign for babies! It took me awhile to notice he'd do this when he was tired but once I did I knew all I had to do was start our bedtime routine and he'd go down easily. Woolbabe will forever make my list as a must have item and I believe they'll change sleep in your home too. X

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