Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Haven't started yet? Struggling to find the perfect gift? Whether you're shopping for Mum, your bestie or all the littles in your life, these Christmas ideas are guaranteed to make anyone's holiday special. We've rounded up over 30 of our top gifts they'll be thrilled to find under the tree

Christmas Gifts for Kids at Little Mash Boutique

1. Animal Snap & Go Fish by Modern Monty
2. Tent + more from Kinderfeets
3. Bamboo Blocks by Kinderfeets
4. Summer PJs by The Rest
5. Bath Crayons + more from Honeysticks
6. Kinderboard by Kinderfeets
7. Books, see our Children's Book Collection
8. Dolls Basket + more by Fabelab
9. Water Colouring In Books by Floss & Rock
10. Watercolour Paints by Honeysticks
11. ABCS Mindful Colouring + more from Mindful & Co Kids.
12. Growers Kit by Gibson & Green
13. Colouring In Pencils by Mindful & Co Kids
14. Kinderfeets Bikes
15. Emergency Cars + more from Discoveroo
16. Magnetic Games from Floss & Rock