We're shipping essentials...

I’ve changed my tune, here’s why!

I’d consider myself very black & white but, I worked a shift last Friday night on the postnatal ward & encountered some very distressed brand new mums - I’m shipping ‘essential’ items for them!

Here’s the details;

  • Items deemed essential are clearly marked on our website
  • We will be adhering to government guidelines to safely ship essential items to you
  • Orders will be processed daily in the order they are received [oldest to newest], there are freight delays so prepare for that
  • If your order contains a mix of essential & non-essential items only the essential items will be shipped. We will contact you to arrange shipping of the non-essential items which may incur addition shipping costs
  • We will extend our usual returns policy for orders purchased during this time just keep us in the loop
  • We’re answering emails daily so don’t hesitate to flick us a message at enquiries@littlemash.co.nz 
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