Mama + Me Christmas Traditions

When I think back to my childhood, what I remember most about Christmas is not the presents but the thoughtful traditions my mum created for our family. Now that I am in the position of ‘Christmas Magic Maker’ I have enjoyed recreating those same traditions with my own daughter and starting a few of our own too.


  1. Have a set day that you decorate the tree each year - A set day when your family can crank the Christmas tunes for the first time. A set day for Christmas baking. You get the idea. Our special date is the first Monday in December. I have no idea why…
  2. Leave a sack of toys and books under the tree for Santa to take back to the North Pole - this is a great way to make space for the influx of goodies and new toys your children will receive + the perfect opportunity to do a good clear out too. Help your child decide on things they may have grown out of, aren’t interested in anymore or are broken and leave them in a sack under the tree. When Santa stops by on Christmas Eve he can take them back to his workshop to repair for children next year. Alternatively you can take your child shopping to choose new toys to donate.
  3. Give a book on Christmas Eve and spend the night reading and drinking hot chocolate - despite the typically blazing hot weather we experience, I can’t help but love the wintery, cosy, snowflake, twinkly light Christmases of the other half of the world. Lucky things. I will still be sipping hot choccy.

  1. Build a Christmas Eve box
  2. Drive around looking at the local light displays
  3. Go out to eat and pay for someone else’s meal (pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru)
  4. Create a Christmas book advent calendar
  5. Instead of candy in the advent calendar, write notes each day about what you love the most about your child
  6. Make reindeer food
  7. Take your kids shopping for a toy to donate during the Christmas season
  8. Have a camp out under the Christmas tree
  9. Take a picture each year in front of the tree in the same poses. Keep an ongoing collection for a photo series that shows them growing up
  10. Make homemade Christmas cards or ornaments
  11. Write a letter to Santa
  12. Volunteer
  13. Wear matching jammies
  14. Host a games night
  15. Do the want, wear, read, need gift rule
  16. Have special Santa wrapping paper to distinguish the gifts
  17. Attend a Christmas play, concert, parade, live nativity
  18. Host a traditional fancy dress Christmas party
  19. Go carolling
  20. Organise a Christmas craft party
  21. Have the same special Christmas breakfast each year
  22. Do a secret act of service
  23. Christmas music dance party
  24. Organise a Christmas movie marathon
  25. Make dinner for someone
  26. Perform a show or item for the family
  27. Visit a Christmas market
  28. Go on a Starbucks date and get a holiday drink
  29. Keep a Christmas diary of all the gifts, dinner menu, how the day went etc. each year
  30. Research Christmas traditions from around the world and give them a go
  31. Consider letting your kids have a Christmas tree in their room or play area
  32. Pick out 1 new ornament each year
  33. Design an alternative Christmas tree
  34. Ditch Christmas and have a vacation instead

Tania of LMB. x

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