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Slip-safe Bath Spots

Slip-safe Bath Spots

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Slip-Safe Spots are a fun and effective alternative to the ugly bath mats of old. Because they're semi-permanent, you can stick them in all the smooth, slippy surfaces in your bathroom and then just forget about them. Your bathroom will look cute and your little one will thank you for fewer head-bumps. 

Each Slip-Safe Spot is crafted from BPA/PVC-free material, offering enough friction to prevent slipping without causing irritation to sensitive skin.

Simply peel the backing off each sticker and apply them to your bath, shower, or tiles. Smooth down carefully with the provided smoothing tool to eliminate any air bubbles.

With their low profile and strong adhesive, you can clean right over the treads with standard household cleaners, maintaining a safe and spotless tub.

When it's time to remove the Slip-Safe Spots, rest assured they won't damage your tub surface. While they typically peel off cleanly, any residue can be removed with a household cleaner or boiling water.

Not suitable for refinished, painted, varnished, or non-smooth surfaces, including cast iron enamel baths.

Each pack includes 8 vibrant Slip-Safe spots (each with 18cm circles), providing coverage for one or more little bathers. For even more coverage, consider grabbing two packs!

Please note, allow the product to stand for 24 hours before use.

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